FreshBedz are covered by a 10 year Limited Warranty. This warranty is valid to the original purchaser of the mattress. Only beds sold from this FreshBedz website are covered by this Limited Warranty. This warranty is non-transferable and is not valid on beds taken outside the lower 48 states in the U.S. Nor is it valid on beds sold "as is" or "reconditioned". 

  What is covered

>Any manufacture defect that effects the performance of the mattress as a result of manufacture error or normal use as prescribed in this notification and bound by the limitations set forth by the warranty terms. 

>A visible indention or low spot in the mattress greater than 1" deep that is NOT a result of improper support. 

>Mattresses that are un-boxed and opened within 30 days of receipt. 

  What is not covered

>Mattresses having any signs of misuse, abuse, stains, rips, tears, burns, or infestations.

>Mattresses that are used in a commercial setting. 

>Mattresses having signs of improper support systems used.

>Comfort preference

>Allergies to any fabrics/materials used in the mattress, or odors resulting in the manufacturing and assembly of the mattress.

>Appearance preference  ie: small variations (that do not effect the performance of the mattress) as a result of layers of different foams being stacked together. 

>Normal softening of the foam. Memory foam will soften over time and is not considered a defect nor does it effect the performance of the mattress to support and relieve pressure points. 

>Replacement mattresses ( replacement mattresses will fall under the original mattress's warranty time frame from the original purchase date )

>Shipping fees for returning the mattress.

>Mattresses that stay boxed for more than 30 days after being received by the customer. 

>Mattresses without the manufacture's law tag attached.

  What to do if you have a warranty issue

If you feel you have a warranty issue, let us know and we can send you a warranty packet to fill out. You will need to take some pictures of your mattress and it's support, your original sales receipt, and the manufacturer's law tag information. Please keep the law tag attached to your mattress cover. 

Once we receive your packet filled out and we determine that it is a warrantied issue, we will send a replacement mattress if the claim meets the required criteria mentioned above. 

Once your part is received by us, we will ship your replacement mattress. 

  Mattress Replacement 

We reserve the right to replace your mattress if it falls within the warranty criteria. We will not issue a refund. Your replacement mattress may have a different cover on it because of times that manufacturing textiles may change from time to time without notice. But, your new replacement mattress will be of the same or greater value and quality as the original mattress.

We reserve the right to determine whether or not a mattress falls within the warranty coverage.